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E-Cover Action Graphics-Photoshop eCover Actions, Tutorials, Softwares

e-Cover Action Graphics Design Script, Adobe Photoshop Ebook, Box, Cd, Dvd & Cards Ecover.
Step by Step Adobe Photoshop Ecover ActionGraphics Design Video Tutorials, Ecover,Graphic Wizard,
Power Effects Softwares, 45Webmaster Script & Graphic Pack

Is limited in distribution and is NOT even available from the Creator site

“Webmaster Tools – Black Label Edition is a suite of JavaScript, HTML and CSS Wizards that will help create Eye-Popping pages with the simplicity of copy and paste.
Just enter the variables and the wizards will write the scripts FOR you. Even if you already know how to write these scripts the wizards will eliminate typing errors and wasted de-bugging time.”

“Use these 45+ great wizards and tools to easily create POPUP windows, POPUNDER windows, COLORED scrollbars, SPAM FREE email links link cloakers, banner rotators and MORE

Do you have a tendency to be all thumbs when it comes to using software and usually end up frustrated before you can get anything done with it?

Sales Letters Creator is so easy to use, if you can follow simple directions, you can master it the first time you use it. You literally just take each step of filling in the blanks one by one.  All the steps are clearly visible and easy to understand. As soon as you buy your copy of Sales Letter Creator today,  you’ll be able to get your first sales letter made before dinner time!

With Sales Letter Creator Software You Can

  • Pump Out Great Looking Sales Letters In 50% Less Time.
  • Easy To Use PRE-MADE, High Impact Templates – Just Fill In The Blanks.
  • No HTML Or Sales Copy Writing Skills Needed.
  • Never pay expensive copywriter’s fees ever again!
  • Step by step creation process – This software instructs you what to write from start to finish!
  • Create an unlimited number of new sales letters anytime you need!

This isn’t some animated GIFs, Flash, or Photoshop wizardry. Just “point and click” to create your own animated headlines, subheads, graphics, whatever… on the fly and get them to catch the instant attention of your website visitors! Stand out from the crowd and get your website and product noticed in an increasingly cluttered world!
Version 2 has many more features and effects engines! Popup lightbox windows featuring images, entire web pages, video, audio, and more!
Watch the brief video below to see how easy it is to create these effects and more like them, including all the new features in Power Effects Software version 2.
So.. Don’t miss out on the opportunity that you have in front of you at the charter price.

This software is a unique collection of cutting-edge graphic design tools! If you have no graphic design skills,
but you still need some up-to-date graphics for your website, blog or Web 2.0 pages, then you’ll appreciate the help
you’re going to get here of unique collection of cutting-edge graphic design tools

Create sets of graphics for your websites using the Assorted Graphics Design Pack which is Is loaded with awesome and the most recent Graphics includes..

Buttons, Icons, Headers, Bullets, Order now, Download Now etc.
Do A Yearly “Upgrade” To ALL Of Your Websites
! This is a big benefit that most people just don’t think of doing (mainly because of the cost).
Do a complete overhaul on your websites every year by adding new, updated and fresh graphics to keep your business “up with the times”. Can you imagine how much more money your sites would make every year with new graphics?

This really cool software will quickly and easily transform your imagesinto 3D E-Covers and With This E-Cover Creator YouWill Be Able To…

With the unique and exclusive fonts actions you’ll find inside this Premium Package you will enlarge your business visions and profits.